Town Beach

3rd place in the competition for the development of the urban and architectural concept of the Town Beach in Giżycko together with the Interschool Water Sports Base.

Line-up: Karolina Czupryniak, Mikołaj Nowakowski, Paweł Fiedczak

concept: October 2014
design assumptions

The original design intent concerning the development of the area was to introduce the inhabitants of Giżycko and periodically appearing tourists “as deep as possible into the area”, to provoke them to interact with the space and fully commune with it. The concerned area is an exceptionally valuable landscape – it is located along the shore of Lake Niegocin, abuts the Giżycki Canal and opens to a wide panorama of the lake.

Such a valuable location has not been fully used so far and the advantages of the place, noticed by most visitors during the summer season, disappear (for the average inhabitant) in the autumn and winter season, when the area becomes empty. Our proposal is a response to the current demand not only of “seasonal” tourists, but above all of people living in this beautiful place.

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